Pool Repairs

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Aqua Tech Pools, LLC
Swimming Pool Repair Services

As a home owner with a swimming pool, you have options. In fact, there are dozens of pool service companies within the area. However, here at Aqua Tech Pools, LLC of Marietta, Georgia our best advertising is our long-term clients. We repair all pool equipment and accessories including pool heaters, pumps, filters and salt systems. From minor equipment repairs to complete overhauls, our staff has the expertise and experience to handle them all.

Pumps & Motors

Unfortunately, pool pumps don’t last forever. They are intricate mechanisms that will wear out over time and usage…and they will sometimes just break down. When that happens, call on our pros at Aqua Tech Pools, LLC and we’ll get you back up and running in very little time. We can install and repair all makes and brands of parts and pumps. If you are experiencing an issue with your swimming pool pump or motor OR if you hear your system making odd sounds or performing louder than normal – it is likely in need of service or repair. Call us to today and we can get our swimming pool pros on site and fix them quickly.


While pumps and motors are vital to every swimming pool, your filter is the “kidneys” of every system. When a filter malfunctions, it puts your family & guests at risk. If you know or suspect issues with your filter, call as soon as possible so that we can get on-site and diagnose and repair the issue.


Like any heater around or in your home, swimming pool heaters need to be monitored and maintained to remain in good working order. In fact, pool heaters are under even more stress than the system in or outside of your home. If you know or suspect that your heater is not working efficiently call Aqua Tech Pools, LLC today. We are experienced in maintaining, repairing and installing all makes and models of swimming pool heaters. Heated pools are comfortable pools. Call today for any installation or heater repair.

Pool Leaks

The smallest leak in your pool, or pool system can send your water bill through the roof. If you spot or detect a leak, call us immediately before that leak becomes an even greater issue. Water leaks can cause major erosion and lead to huge problems. Call Aqua Tech Pools, LLC today.

Salt Systems

If you test your pool water and it lacks chlorine you should contact us as soon as you discover that issue. Salt build up can cause numerous issues with all related system components. Aqua Tech Pools, LLC has the experience team to diagnose and remedy any issue related to your salt system.

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