How Often Should I Drain My Pool?

Many individuals who enjoy their swimming pools on a daily basis do not realize that periodic water changes are part of the process for maintaining a healthy pool. That requires draining your pool on occasion. Just how often one should drain their pool is the question! Have no fear, the expert pool maintenance team at Aqua Tech Pools is here to provide key insights to answer the question of “how often should I drain my pool?”

Why Should I Drain My Pool in the First Place?

Even though the vast majority of pools are equipped with a filtration system, pools must be drained and refilled at some point. Even with proper pool maintenance, years of chemicals and the impact of environmental factors surrounding your pool (falling leaves, pet hair, grass clippings, etc.) can take a toll on your pool’s well being. Add on top of those factors dead skin cells, sunscreen, and oils, and what you have is a recipe for pool water that can no longer be treated effectively.

drained empty pool

When Should I Drain My Pool?

Pool industry experts recommend that you drain your pool every 5 to 7 years. However, no two pools are alike, so there is no set number of years at which you must drain and refill your pool. The general rule of thumb as to when a pool should be drained is when the pool water stops responding to chemical maintenance or specialty treatments; at this point it would be time to consider a draining and refilling of your pool. Pro Tip: Be sure to rebalance your pool chemicals after refilling your pool!

How Do I Drain My Pool?

As we just mentioned, no two pools are exactly the same, so there’s no step by step guide on how to drain your specific pool. Unless you have experience in doing so, we highly recommend hiring a professional pool service company help you with the draining and subsequent refilling of your pool. By hiring a professional pool service company, you are hiring expertise, skills, knowledge, and the guarantee that it will be done right the first time.

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